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Skin health strategy sessions are designed to help you uncover barriers preventing you from reaching your skin and wellness goals. 

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Clear Skin Is Possible
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Imagine you could finally understand the underlying issues associated with your skin problems and overall wellness. This will help you access a healthier, more confident, youthful energized and productive version of you. Imagine being able to not only upgrade your skin health but also reverse the aging process and avoid more serious emotionally and financially devastating diseases from forming that are associated with your current symptoms. And imagine a clear blueprint to holistically stop the clock on your skin and address the underlying causes once and for all… Your friends, family and colleagues will be inspired by your change. 

Your Consultation Includes: 
  • ​​60 minutes 1-on-1 video call with Dr. Shayna personally to review your health history and design a clear health strategy to reclaim your skin health and vitality
  • ​Genetic skin analysis and an extensive report detailing your results in PDF format after your consultation
  • ​Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire that uncovers blindspots and the underlying causes of your concerns. 
  • ​​​The #1 thing you need to do immediately, and how to implement it, that will make the biggest impact on your skin health and wellness now. 
  • ​​If needed, access to the most cutting-edge, “cause based” functional lab tests for you, that reveal the specific “red flags” that are blocking you from clear skin and reversing your biological age
  • ​Targeted skincare and treatment recommendations to address your skin's specific needs
  • ​Input on your current skincare regimen