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Meet Dr. Shayna E. Peter
Functional Medicine Doctor & Holistic Dermatology Specialist
Founder of Well Ahead Chicago

My Transition from Conventional to 
Integrative Dermatology

Hi, I’m Dr. Shayna Peter. 

Here's something people may not know about me. 

What I’m about to share changed the course of my health, my career, and ultimately my life. It’s also a big reason why I’m committed to helping people understand the root causes behind skin problems. 

When I was in medical school on the path to becoming a dermatologist, I started to struggle with acne for the first time in my life. I tried nearly every medication, skin product, facial, cosmetic treatment out there and I had the experience of conventional treatments failing me as a patient. 

Most of the treatments irritated my skin, made it very dry and did not give me any lasting relief. 

Underneath it all, I knew there had to be a deeper root cause that was being ignored.  

Meanwhile as a medical student gaining exposure in dermatology, I saw many patients with severe acne and autoimmune skin conditions, and I was devastated by the treatment options that were available to them because so many of them had very harmful effects. 

As a doctor in training, I wanted to be able to truly “do no harm” and offer my future patients safer treatment options that would address the root causes of their concerns. These experiences are what lead me to functional medicine as a patient, then a practitioner and continue to fuel my passion and commitment to helping people with skin conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Well Ahead Chicago was created to help you find answers. You’re not alone.

Our passion is helping you upgrade your skin health, vitality, and overall well-being.

So, if you have been struggling with a persistent skin problems that haven't improved with traditional medicine it’s time to see what Well Ahead Chicago can do to help.

We're offering answers to what is happening on the inside and how you can start healing from the inside out. We've helped many clear their skin and restore their health over the years using safe and non-medicine methods.

And We Want to Do The Same For You.

Dr. Isaac Jones
7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach
I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 
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Dr. Isaac Jones
7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach
I’ve built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave me the lifestyle of my dreams. I teach doctors and health experts how to generate 6-7 figures per year in sales with a virtual practice. 
So What Is This Proven Process? 
I’ve now used this process clinically to help 100’s of business professionals just like you to transform their skin health, energy, body and overall wellness...
The Skincare Reset Process

Step 1: Uncover

With advanced diagnostics, we identify exactly what’s broken and what to improve

Step 2: Transform

We develop a customized strategy to your body to upgrade your skin wellness and vitality.

Step 3: Glow

Advanced nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help you sustain amazing skin health and vitality for life.

Get Your Skin Health 
Strategy Session Today! 
With your Skin Health Strategy Session, we get to the core of what has been holding you back from reaching your goals.

Here’s What You Get with Your Consultation:

  • ​​Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire that uncovers blindspots and the underlying causes of your concerns. 
  • ​​​​The #1 thing you need to do immediately, and how to implement it, that will make the biggest impact on your skin health and wellness now. 
  • ​​​​If needed, access to the most cutting-edge, “cause based” functional lab tests for you, that reveal the specific “red flags” that are blocking you from clear skin and reversing your biological age


The Skincare Reset Process is not for everybody!

This is an extremely potent methodology and can completely transform your life. But it requires commitment. You have to follow through with the recommendations and strategies we give you to get results.

My reputation depends on your results so I will only work with individuals who are truly committed to their health.

That’s why I focus on specific issues for business professionals and the unique set of challenges they deal with. 

If You Are a Busy Professional Who: 

  • Get to the bottom of skin concerns that are holding you back reclaiming your confidence and having the clear skin of your dreams
  • ​Wants to stop the clock on your skin and know how to preserve and upgrade your skin health at any age
  • ​Experiences Fatigue, exhaustion, or brain fog and want to 3-10X your energy. 
  • ​Is Frustrated with stubborn weight gain and wants to turn your body into a fat burning machine with a lean, toned physique.
  • ​Wants to make a serious upgrade in brain health, clarity of thought, and overall mood.
  • ​Is excited to implement scientifically proven strategies to reverse your biological age, upgrade overall health and happiness in life and create a foundation for a long, vibrant life.

Then this consultation is for you.

Your Skin Health Strategy Session:  

Normally $497 

Get it Today For Only $197 


Dr. Shayna E. Peter 

Dr. Shayna Peter is the founder of Well Ahead Chicago, a functional medicine practice focused in skin conditions. She is the author of soon to be released book It’s Not Just Acne. Dr. Peter's has a unique blend of MD training, naturopathic medicine training, and 13 years of experience in nutrition and serves as an expert contributor on holistic dermatology to local and national media outlets.

After experiencing the effects of cleansing in her personal life, with clients, friends & family, she designed The Skincare Reset Program to share the experience with others and empower and support them on a self-paced journey of reducing toxic load and embracing a clean lifestyle.   

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