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fixes that never last for the long-term.
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Dear Friend,

If you’re someone who struggles with skin problems and have been on an endless hamster wheel.... this might be the most important book you ever read…


It’s all you can focus on... 

Not a single hair could be out of place, your outfit could be crisp and coordinated, the love of your life could be kissing you on the cheek—and—no, please don’t go anywhere near that pimple! 

It doesn’t matter how steady the conditions around you are—when there’s a break out, it can make you break down

That’s especially true when things aren’t so great, like they have been for the vast majority of us in the last year and a half—that break out can do a lot more damage. 

Maybe you thought you left acne behind in your middle school bathroom, or in your postpartum days, or during your stint with mask-ne—but, when you least expect it, it keeps rearing its (white)heads. 

So you try it all: you click add-to-cart after watching an Instagram influencer apply their stampede of serums, you surrender greasy food from your diet, and you even venture down the path of medication. 

If those acne combat strategies actually work, they only seem to help for a short time, and even if they keep it at bay longer than all of the CVS aisle 7 products you’ve slathered on your skin combined, the bumps still find their way to the surface. 

The reason? Something much deeper is happening, and one that can’t be unearthed without an elixir you’ve (probably) never thought of before: holistic medicine.

It’s possible to walk across the bridge between western and eastern medicine and land safely on the other side with clear skin—whether that means stomping out acne, wrinkles, or not-so-sightly signs of aging. 

It’s time to stop zeroing in on your skin, and start zooming out. Treat the source, not the symptoms, and watch your skin, and maybe even your life, transform. 

Ready to get started? Meet the Avenger of acne, Dr. Shayna E. Peter.

When you’ve exhausted all of your skin-saving options, it might be time to awaken your body’s natural ability to heal.

  • Have you cancelled plans because you didn’t feel like you could face people?
  • Have you forgotten what your skin looked like underneath your acne?
  • Have you been on a skincare treatment merry-go-round and can’t get off the ride?
  • Have you felt like you’ve lost touch with the way your body works?
  • Have you given up hope for a long-term, sustainable solution for your skin?

What if you could empower your body and your skin to heal for the long-haul--well beyond your thirties?

Listen, no one is you, and that is your SUPERPOWER! In this book, you’ll unlock a customized, intuitive maintenance plan for your skin that goes well beneath the surface, and it’ll help you focus on all the other aspects of you that make you powerful.

Here's What You Can Expect To Learn...

  • The reasons why acne isn’t just a skin condition and what it really means for your body, your immune system, and where the root causes are coming from.
  • ​​How to elevate your skincare routine—even when you’ve found something that works (for now), and how to close any gaps that stubborn breakouts sneak in through.
  • How to pinpoint not only which natural supplements are helpful for soothing acne, but which ones are best for your unique skin type.
  • How to break the one-size-fits-all cycle and hone in on how your body, and your skin, can heal for good.
  • Digestible tools and methods for persistent protection from acne—yes, even if you feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything in your arsenal.
  • ​And so much more!
Ready to shift your focus? Ready to make living life fully your top priority again—or perhaps for the first time?

Get actionable, sustainable steps for a life full of lasting hope, health, wholeness, and, oh yeah—clear skin. 

Empower your body and free your mind with Dr. Shayna E. Peter’s book TODAY!

    Based On The System I've Developed After Seeing Hundreds of Acne Sufferers, 
    See What Others Are Saying About It's Not Just Acne....

    See What Industry Experts Are Saying...

    “I highly recommend this book!”

    "Acne is not only a cosmetic nuisance but it is a warning sign that there are deeper problems. In particular, acne has been linked to blood sugar problems, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut and food sensitivities. Dr Shayna Peter's book is a comprehensive resource that will help you understand what root cause factors are driving your acne problems and the best nutrition and lifestyle strategies you can take to heal acne and have the radiant skin and optimal health that you want. I highly recommend this book!"
    ~ David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS 
    Author of Keto Metabolic Breakthrough and The Fasting Transformation
    Host of “Functional Nutrition Podcast” 

    “It's About Time!” 

    “Lotions, creams, potions, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and synthetic (toxic) vitamin A...This in a nutshell has always been the conventional way to deal with acne. It is so relieving to see Dr. Peter tackle this issue with sincerity and integrity. She goes into detail about the root cause of acne. She includes chapters on:
    1. Vitamins and Minerals
    2. Gut Health
    3. Hormone imbalance
    4. Liver health and detoxification

    Healthy skin comes from within, and this book can help you understand the how and why.
    Definitely worth a read”

    ~ Dr. Peter Osborne
    International Best Selling Author of No Grain, No Pain

    “Concisely laid out a holistic approach to addressing and treating acne.” 

    “Nowadays, in addition to conventional acne treatments, patients are looking for a natural regimen. As a Board-Certified Dermatologist, who treats patients with acne, Dr. Shayna Peter’s book entitled “It’s Not Just Acne” has concisely laid out a holistic approach to addressing and treating acne. This reader-friendly book is very informative with several take home points to consider when seeing patients who have acne.”
    ~ Prescilia Isedeh, MD, MBA 
    Board-Certified Dermatologist 
    Founder & President, Prescise LLC
    Editor of Handbook of Vitiligo: Basic Science and Clinical Management 

    “A paradigm shift in acne care”

    Have you been looking for a clinician who looks at your entire body and its interconnectedness to other areas when trying to discover why you have acne? With the knowledge of your acne's root cause, you will have an opportunity to treat it better and keep it from reoccurring again. Rather from exposures you had as a child or new exposures as an adult, 
    Dr. Peter provides all the tools you'll need to discover exactly what you'll need to reverse your acne. The medical community needs clinicians like Dr. Peter to shift the disease management paradigm to one where disease reversal and healing are the new standard. I highly recommend her book for anyone who has been struggling with acne.”
     ~ Tony Hampton, MD, MBA, ABOM 
    Author of Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes   
    Host of Protecting Your NEST Podcast
    Regional Medical Director for Advocate Aurora Health Care

    “Nowhere else have I seen a collection of information compiled to give the acne suffer true hope.”

    “Regardless of who you are, acne can be one of the most frustrating skin conditions to deal with. With treatment options seemingly limited to gimmicky over-the-counter products or dangerous medications, consumers are often left in turmoil about options to pursue. Fortunately, real science supporting ways to address acne do exist. 

    Dr. Peter has skillfully navigated this information to give patients a plan for their appearance to be renewed and unsightly blemishes eliminated. In each page of this book, you feel the understanding that Dr. Peter has for those suffering from acne as she presents common sense ways to overcome it.. Nowhere else have I seen a collection of information such as this compiled to give the acne suffer true hope. If you are frustrated, embarrassed or simply want answers, you should look no further than "It's Not Just Acne".
    ~ Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN
    Director of Clinical Education for Biotics Research Corporation.



    Dr. Shayna E. Peter 

    Dr. Shayna Peter is the founder of Well Ahead Chicago, a functional medicine practice offering educational resources and one-on-one consulting to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs upgrade your skin health, vitality, and well-being. She is the author of newly released best-selling book It’s Not Just Acne

    She has been published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology and has spoken about holistic health on numerous stages including Chicago Woman Magazine and American Diabetes Association.

    Dr. Peter has a unique blend of MD training, naturopathic medicine training, and 13 years of experience in nutrition and serves as an expert contributor on holistic dermatology to local and national media outlets.

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